What we do

At Parser we bridge the gap between business and technology.

We achieve this by helping our clients design new innovative products, and by building, scaling, and managing the technology teams that bring these products to life. Our approach is focused on providing the services that help you develop long term capabilities, and overcome some key challenges that companies face when adopting digital technologies across the organisation.

Our approach

We help you bring technology and business together in an environment that promotes creativity, experimentation, dynamism, and collaboration.

Our curated Talent pool also gives you access to specialized technical talent on demand.

Digital strategy
Product & service design
Build and scale digital teams
Areas of expertise
Mobile AR/VR
Content IoT Enterprise
Consumer Experience Quality Control Cloud & DevOps Data & Analytics UX & Design Artificial Intelligence


Digital Transformation

We partner with your technology executives to transform their organisations into relevant units that generate a positive impact. Our focus is to create value, maximise growth, and improve performance by adopting the most suitable technologies for your business. We take a consistent management approach to address transformational initiatives by leading re-platforming processes, developing reliability programmes, creating scalable organisations and architectures, addressing automation needs, tackling performance issues, improving time-to-market plans, and implementing security best practices.

Agile Delivery Management

We implement agile practices and processes to ensure governance, transparency, and efficiency across the whole product lifecycle. Our teams work with key metrics (development cycle time, velocity, quality, innovation, etc.) that enable us to evaluate their performance. We act as agile delivery managers, supporting your software and engineering teams to fit your business culture, identifying risks in advance, removing blockers, and ensuring a seamless and frictionless delivery process.

Engineering & Business Consulting

We help you build and manage talented engineering and Data & Analytics teams to execute your digital and business strategies according to your organisation’s needs. We combine our expertise in product development and delivery management to create autonomous teams, who are motivated by mastery and understand the purpose of your business. We do this by integrating a range of diverse business and technical practices, removing any tension or potential issues that may arise throughout the development funnel.