The journey to our new core values

Why now?

Parser has grown exponentially since our values were first established. As new people have joined us and old friends have moved on, our culture has changed and evolved, and with it our values.

Values that used to make total sense just a year ago, became less clear and didn’t necessarily reflect the way our people and our company have progressed.

Why are values important?

Values bring us together under a common purpose, shape our culture and guide how we behave. We wanted to capture the best existing behaviours within us, and use them both as inspiration and to solidify our company culture.

Coming up with our 5 core values

We started the exercise of revising our values at the end of last year. 6 months later, after 20+ interviews, 4+ workshops and countless revisions, we finally ended up with five values that represent the best interpretation of our people and our business.

But it didn’t end there! Almost as important as determining our new values was articulating them. We are a distributed company with more than 20 nationalities in our midst. Expressing our values in a way that is simple to understand and easy to relate to, was key.

Our new core values

Our new values are a mix of who we are and who we aspire to be. They aim to unite us and to highlight the principles that guide how we work, how we behave and how we engage.

Ricardo Moral, Co-founder and CEO of Parser
People first

People first
Our priority is with what matters the most: our family and each other.
We place the wellbeing of each individual, including our own, first.
We go the extra mile to consider the needs of one another.
We take an active role in building a culture where everyone can be happy, grow professionally, and fulfil their goals.

Be bold

Be bold
We are driven by ambitious goals.
We encourage bold objectives, and we work together to achieve them.
We constantly aim for new levels of performance and business value for us and our clients.
We seek new challenges as opportunities to push our limits and raise the bar.

Do the right thing

Do the right thing
Our moral compass guides our decisions and behaviours.
We always put forth solutions that are in the best interests of our clients.
We speak up, challenge paradigms, and provide expert advice when we believe something can be done in a better way.
Our values drive our decisions, even during difficult times. We constantly follow our mission, vision, and convictions to achieve our goals.

Take ownership

Take ownership
We own and honour our commitments.
We feel confident to take initiative and always focus on delivering our best.
We take accountability for the outcomes we achieve as individuals and as a team.
We learn, grow and create positive change by taking responsibility from failure as well as success.

Embrace Diversity

Embrace diversity
Our uniqueness brings us together.
We are a diverse global community built on the experience and expertise brought by each individual.
We thrive on different perspectives that drive new ideas and accelerate creativity.
We feel free to express ourselves knowing that we will be heard.

A final note

It’s important to note that values are living, breathing and ever-evolving so they can always reflect who we are as we grow and change.