Juana Furlong

People & Culture

After experiencing exponential growth in our business, Juana joined Parser in 2020 to strengthen internal relationships and ensure that our talent chooses to grow with us. As the People & Culture responsible, she faces the continuous challenge to bridge gaps between oceans (Parser has offices in London, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Córdoba).
Juana has set the game rules to keep our teams at their peak, developing new skills, and learning with enthusiasm. She brings years of experience gained at HR departments in industrial, architectural construction, and tourism companies, where she learned that all businesses have one thing in common: people are at the center of what they do, and developing a work-life balance culture is essential to stay ahead of the game.
She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management (Siglo 21 University, Córdoba, Argentina). A few years after graduating, she decided to boost up her studies at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, followed by her interest in HR Analytics and Big Data, receiving a postgraduate degree in Leadership and Management School.