Hernan Griboff

Chief Growth Officer

As Chief Growth Officer, Hernán is responsible for Parser’s evolution and expansion. This role includes liaising with clients, directing new engagements, discovering talented personnel, and fostering a thriving work environment.

Hernán brings 15 years of Software Development experience to the team. Hernán has spent his career working in the technology consultancy sector, helping organisations such as JP Morgan, Disney and Deloitte to design, lead and launch their digital portfolios. Hernán is also a co-founder of Connect AR UK, an initiative that promotes Latin America and UK business relationships through networking and mentoring. As part of this, Hernán helps a number of startups and scaleups in their go-to-market strategy. In 2017, Hernán and his friend Ricardo founded Parser with the vision of building a company that is recognised globally as a trusted advisor in innovation, technology, and digital spaces.

In his spare time, Hernan enjoys spending time with friends and family cooking traditional Argentinian barbecue, using a “parrilla”, and often spends hours preparing and grilling a variety of different foods. He is currently preparing for an Ironman.