How we do it

At Parser we begin every engagement by tailoring our processes and ways to work to fit the client’s needs.

Our working principles

Parser - customer focus

Understand the impact you want to make

Every product needs to make an impact. The success of every project consists of being able to clearly define goals and build a roadmap to make it happen. This requires the whole team to have a strong business mindset, not just a focus technology. This is why at Parser we always work closely with our client’s business teams to ensure alignment and good collaboration between business and technology.

To achieve great ambitions, you need a great team

A team is much more than a group of people working together. Building a successful team requires strong experience on how to select, enable, and empower talented individuals. This is why we invest to ensure that our processes, methodologies, and ways of working maximise the performance of our teams.

To deliver success, you need to focus on the whole value chain

The path from great ideas to concrete results is full of challenges, pitfalls, and roadblocks. Only those who manage to successfully streamline the process of bringing ideas to life are able to make an impact in this very demanding world. This is why at Parser we focus in the full cycle to maximise the throughput of the whole value chain, always looking for efficiencies that would optimise performance.

Our Engagement Process


Identify objectives and goals

The first step before embarking in a new initiative is to define what we are trying to achieve. This is critical to guide all the future decisions, from what team will be needed, to what approach we will follow to succeed. We work in close collaboration with our clients to define the impact they want to make in terms of goals and objectives.


Define the needed team structure

At this point we work with the client to define what team will be needed to embark on the journey. Every project team is multi-disciplinary, and involves experts with a diverse range of skills. In many cases teams are formed by people from both organisations working with a common goal.


Tailor team roles and processes based on the client

Every project requires an effective team. In this step, we work with the client to identify the roles and ways of working that will help get the best from the team and to fit with existing teams. We identify which organisation will fill each role.


Team selection, induction and

In this critical step we identify who will be assigned to the project, the team is assembled, introduced, and briefed on the challenge to be tackled. At this point we also support the team to refine the methodology to be followed and the ways of working.


Kick-Off & Constant improvement

Once the engagement starts we work actively to monitor between 3 and 5 key performance indicators that help us measure how well we are doing in achieving the goals agreed with the client. As part of our on-going process we enter a cycle of constant performance review and implement actions to ensure that our performance is continuously improving.

We provide a comprehensive service: from exploration, where we focus on understanding the user needs; followed by conceptualisation and validation of initial concepts for the product; before finally building and evolving the technology products needed to satisfy those needs.

Our working model enables a seamless transition across all phases, allowing teams to work more efficiently, integrating all the disciplines required to deliver a great product within a high-performing digital team.