Applying service design to build new digital products that respond to market demand

Developing a new platform can be a complex, time-consuming, and risky process. This case describes how Parser helped EY rethink and accelerate the digital journey for Nodia, an online platform that connects entrepreneurs with corporate leaders.

When EY Future of Mobility developed the concept for Nodia—a platform that connects a curated community of entrepreneurs with technical leaders worldwide—they knew it was going to take time to develop it, and that there would be issues along the way. They realised they had to rethink the digital journey that the new platform would offer, in order to execute it in a speedy and seamless way. This is where Parser came in.

In 2019, Parser ran a Service Design initiative to understand and envision how users would interact with Nodia, what their digital journey would be like, and what they expected from the platform. They applied rapid prototyping to identify all key features and high-level functionality requirements, which helped simplify the original concept for Nodia. Parser also provided an autonomous team of UX/UI designers, engineers and software developers, and worked closely with EY in the design, development and testing of the platform.

‘Parser enabled us to see a different way of putting Nodia together and showed us how to get to market very quickly with a proof of concept,’ says John Simlett, Global Advisory Leader Future of Mobility at EY. ‘We wanted to show EY how to simplify what would have otherwise been a long, expensive and unnecessary journey, focusing solely on the aspects that would best respond to their users’ needs and prioritising the killer features to ensure a successful launch,’ explains Hernán Griboff, COO at Parser. This approach allowed for the minimum viable product (MVP) to be delivered within 10 weeks.

Shortly after Nodia went live, EY started validating new concepts and ideas with their clients more rapidly. They were able to reshape their solutioning processes and to reuse Nodia on their talent management area. ‘The Parser team was able to turn things around quickly and was very responsive when we wanted changes. We will definitely work with them again,’ concludes Simlett.