Accelerating the UK’s leading HealthTech provider through agile delivery management

Transforming your ways of working is crucial to stay ahead of the game, especially in today's ever-changing digital landscape. The following practices and processes allowed Doctorlink to become a key player in the HealthTech industry.

Doctorlink is the UK’s leading health technology solutions provider. Its online platform assesses possible health conditions, helps patients book GP appointments, and provides video consultations to 12 million NHS patients in 1500 GP clinics.

As a fast-growing business operating in an ever-changing environment, Doctorlink was struggling to launch new updates quickly and in line with market demand. In 2018, they partnered with Parser to accelerate the implementation of innovative features across the platform. Such features focused on managing online appointments, building customer facing applications for video consultation with GPs and specialists, and leading complex integrations with healthcare providers.

Through delivery management, Parser implemented agile processes that helped visualise Doctorlink’s strategy and prioritise their plans for each quarter. Parser provided their own developers and evaluated their performance against specific metrics (development cycle time, velocity, quality, innovation, etc.) to achieve governance, transparency and efficiency. This was done in partnership with Doctorlink’s tech leads, which ensured a frictionless delivery process.

One of the key milestones was establishing a funnel software development to produce Connected Appointments by Q3 2018, one of the most expected features among investors. This achievement helped Doctorlink multiply the number of online appointments in just a few months. Another highlight was building a video consultation tool in under two months in 2019, which yielded a significant increase in video consultations.

‘Establishing a clear process for delivery management was our big win. This helped our engineers understand Doctorlink’s platform better than anyone else,’ analyses Hernán Griboff, COO at Parser. ‘The calibre of Parser’s talent is amazing, to the point that some of our tech leads are actually Parser engineers rather than our own,’ agrees Alfonso Ferrandez, CTO at Doctorlink.

Both companies continue working together to improve the platform, which was selected to provide NHS video consultations and online triage across England during the covid-19 pandemic. ‘The only way I see us growing at the rate we can, being based in London, is using someone like Parser,’ judges Ferrandez.