Parser Career Accelerator

Accelerate your career, building the products of tomorrow, solving interesting problems, and developing your unique strengths.

A space you can grow, get ahead and make a positive impact​


A culture that values your contribution

When you join our diverse, high-performing community, you will be part of a culture that values innovation and your individual contribution. 

You will work in an environment where your experience, expertise and ideas will be respected and appreciated.

Engagements that stimulate your mind

Our customers choose to engage with us because of the quality of our services and the breadth of skills and knowledge of our talent. They expect us to be outspoken, challenge them, and most importantly to give them expert advice.

Working in small, autonomous teams of like-minded, subject matter experts, you’ll help tech-driven innovators create new industry paradigms, using some of the latest, most exciting technologies.



A supportive environment

At Parser, you will find an engaging work environment that promotes employee wellbeing, productivity and growth, and listens to your needs.

If the project you are working on is not the right fit, we support proactive project reassignment, whereas we make sure you work on projects in suitable time zones.

If you want to experience a new culture, we will make every effort to relocate you so that you keep developing your experience and skills.

A platform to accelerate your career

As an integral part of a fast growing organisation, you will have every opportunity to shape the direction and accelerate your career.

You will be part of a team where everyone is empowered to push their limits, take initiative and raise the bar, and you will have access to all the tools, resources and support you need to be successful.

Your efforts will be acknowledged, valued and take you further on your career path.


Cool things about Parser

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