Social value

At Parser we strive to be a world-class partner for our clients, a responsible corporate citizen for our communities and a good employer for our employees.

Parser - Approach to ESG

Our approach to ESG



We operate with a remote-first model, maintaining small offices in key co-working locations that act as collaboration and networking hubs. This helps us keep our carbon footprint as a business low, while at the same time, we practice energy and resource efficiency, recycle materials and use sustainable waste management.


We are committed to continuously learning, reviewing, promoting and adopting more ways to help the environment, not only as a company, but also as individuals.

Society - Employees

We want our people to feel excited about working at Parser, find purpose in what they do, and have a sense of accomplishment. 


We encourage them to be themselves because we believe a diverse workforce allows for creativity and new ideas to flourish.


This is why we have adopted a people-first approach, establishing processes and initiatives that take account of and cater for the needs not only of the talent we employ, but also the people we work with.


Society - Communities

As a distributed business, the sense of community for Parser goes beyond the postcode of our offices. The majority of our talent work from their home spanning over 80 locations in more than 20 countries across 4 continents. 


Our ambition is for everything we do as a company and as individuals to be driven by the principles of net positive, so that we can ensure a resilient and regenerative world.


The foundation of our corporate governance practices are built on our reputation for transparency, integrity and accountability. 


We take responsibility for complying with the local and international laws and regulations that are relevant to our business.


We have in place processes to give guidance to decision-making and to ensure that employees adhere to all established company policies and procedures.


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