Helping businesses deliver an amazing digital experience

At Parser we bridge the gap between

business and technology.

We achieve this by building and managing multi-disciplinary technology teams that successfully integrate the skills needed to deliver successful digital products.

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Our approach

At Parser we support our clients across the whole product lifecycle:

  • the analysis of the opportunity
  • the design and delivery of the solution
  • the evolution and improvement of the digital product.

Our latest work

Applying service design to build new digital products that respond to market demand

Developing a new platform can be a complex, time-consuming, and risky process. This case describes how Parser helped EY rethink and accelerate the digital journey for Nodia, an online platform that connects entrepreneurs with corporate leaders.

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Accelerating the UK’s leading HealthTech provider through agile delivery management

Transforming your ways of working is crucial to stay ahead of the game, especially in today's ever-changing digital landscape. The following practices and processes allowed Doctorlink to become a key player in the HealthTech industry.

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Implementing a fully managed service to support the growth of a leading FinTech player

Managing different teams to work towards a common goal is a challenging job, but not an impossible one. This case describes how Parser’s autonomous, multidisciplinary, software development teams enabled Modulr to continue launching new features while expanding rapidly.

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