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We help organisations leverage on digital to advance their digital strategy, navigate a digital transformation process, and design and build new digital products.
Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy, Digital Products, Digital Consulting, Digital Portfolio, Design Thinking, Service Design, Big Data, eCommerce, Analytics, Software Development.
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About Us

Technology is changing the way companies operate, capture value and engage with consumers.


In order to compete in the current technological landscape, companies require a clear digital vision to succeed. They must integrate a range of diverse skills across their teams, gain access to the best talent and continually create new experiences to better engage with their customers.


At Parser we work with our clients to develop a digital strategy that will help them achieve their business goals. We execute this strategy across organisational teams; embracing new talent and diversity. We also assist in the design and development of new products and services to improve the customer experience and deliver new journeys.

Our Services

Digital Strategy & Transformation


We help you understand market trends, relevant technologies, and aligned with your business strategy we create your vision and set the digital directionThis focuses efforts across your organisation, facilitating the integration between business and technology.

Digital Portfolio Management


Based on a clear vision and direction, we help you assess your position, execute your digital strategy and manage your portfolio. We do this by integrating a range of diverse business and technical practises, transforming your organisation in the process.

Product & Service Development


We help you create new experiences by designing user journeys that bridge all of the relevant departments of your organisation. By harnessing our ecosystem of specialised talent, we can provide relevant and focused expertise on demand.


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The only way to deliver a real impact is by aligning actions and resources behind a clear vision.

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Delivering convergent, end-to-end customer experience requires broad involvement of stakeholders across the organisation and beyond.

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Gives access to the best specialised teams and resources in a world where depth of expertise is critical for success.

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Is the best process that integrates and balances the perspective of users, technology and business.




Great progress is never possible without an effective and efficient process that transforms ideas into results.

How We Work?

When thinking about technology today, every business needs to consider many different aspects, such as finding new ways to engage with their clients, utilising data, managing and integrating existing systems, and using the latest technologies to improve customer engagement.


There are technology firms that cover many of these areas, but nobody can be best in class across all sectors. In a highly competitive landscape you need specialized, talented and experienced teams working with you, who are the best at what they do.  It is because of this that we specialise and focus on helping our clients leverage on technology to achieve their goals. We help you parse, plan and successfully execute a strategy by integrating many specializations with a common goal, in order to gain a competitive advantage.


To deliver projects we can either collaborate with your existing technology teams and vendors, or tap into a range of handpicked partners who are specialists in each technology sector. Where required, we can incorporate their expertise into our projects, gaining access to the most forward thinking experts.

Get In Touch


2A Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0HF, United Kingdom

Phone Numbers

UK: +44 20 3900 1707  | US: +1 646 4949 323 | AR: +54 11 5984 2203

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